Call for two new editors Yearbook for Women’s History / Jaarboek voor vrouwengeschiedenis zoekt twee nieuwe redacteuren


Call for two new editors Yearbook for Women’s History / Jaarboek voor vrouwengeschiedenis zoekt twee nieuwe redacteuren

The Yearbook of Women’s History is a peer-reviewed academic annual covering all aspects of gender connected with historical research throughout the world. It has a respectable history in itself, reporting on issues concerning women and gender for 40 years. The Yearbook has addressed topics such as: women and crime; women and war; gender; ethnicity; colonial history; and postcolonialism. Over time the Yearbook has shifted its focus from a purely historical approach to a broader gender and historical analysis, focused on women’s and men’s roles in society. By focusing on specific themes, the Yearbook aspires that each issue crosses cultures and historical time periods while offering readers the opportunity to compare perspectives within each volume.

We are looking for two new members for our editorial board.

-Editing and proofing contributions
-Communicating with authors
-Proposing possible authors for contributions 
-Proposing possible peer reviewers for new journal articles
-Attending editorial board meetings
-Co-shaping the direction of the journal and co-deciding on a theme for each new issue in close cooperation with an annual guest editor.
-Organisational tasks

What we are looking for
-(some) experience with publishing and editing
-A PhD (in progress) in the humanities or a strong affinity with scholarship in the humanities
-A strong interest in gender studies and gender issues beyond academia
-Ability to commit to the yearbook for at least two issues (two years) 
-Willingness to (eventually) take on a lead role within the editorial board

What we offer

The Yearbook is a non-profit foundation that relies on grants and subsidies for its annual publication. The members of the editing board are not paid. We offer a convivial and non-hierarchical working environment in which every editorial board member’s opinion is given the same weight and the opportunity to occasionally (co-)write articles for the yearbook. On average the work takes about two to three hours per week with peaks right before deadlines. 

Please apply before June 1st by sending an email to explaining why you want to join the editoral board along with a CV.

Current editors:
Eveline Buchheim
Ernestine Hoegen
Marleen Reichgelt
Larissa Schulte Nordholt
Nena Vandeweerdt
Evelien Walhout
Heleen Wyffels
Sidra Shahid

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