Forthcoming: YEARBOOK FOR WOMEN’S HISTORY 35, Gender and Activism. Women’s voices in political debates


This yearbook attends to ways in which women were active to question rights for sex and gender related issues in the political arena. Covering a diverse range of cultures and political situations the Yearbook will discuss the ambiguous messages of FEMEN in Ukraine and France; the work of female mukhtars in Turkish local politics; the debate over child marriage in late colonial India; and the feminist opposition to abortion in the United States of America. An interview with women activists will give an inside perspective on Egypt and Tunisia, while debates in a more distant include the controversy between socialists and feminists over women workers in the Netherlands, and the representation of motherhood, domestic display, and democracy in a 1948 exhibition in the Netherlands. Triggered by a colour portrait of a prominent Dutch feminist brings a re-evaluation of her achievements, and a visual section will discuss the representation of women in politics by way of political posters.